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Chief Information Security Officers


Not Just Business as Usual: How to Minimize Risk and Stay Secure as we Return to Normalcy





Join Senior Information Security Professionals for In-Person Networking and Idea Sharing

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CISO London 2021 launches 19th October and is the hyper-local in-person event for information security executives in central London to compare their cybersecurity strategies. This is the high-level meeting designed to help you discuss planning and implementation amongst a small group of peers.

With enhanced biosecurity measures in place and a strict cap on attendee numbers, we’re excited to welcome you back to physical events. We’ve also built-in plenty of networking opportunities as we know it’s been a while since everyone last met face to face and there’s lots to catch up on.

CISO London provides the unique opportunity to (re)connect, learn, and do more business, effectively, safely and with confidence.


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Network with Leading InfoSec Attendees In-Person

Meet Senior Decision Makers From the UK

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Hear from Expert Speakers

Learn From & Network With Those At The Forefront Of Information Security

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Learn About Cutting-Edge Solution Providers

Explore Our Exhibition And Find the Latest & Greatest Solutions Available

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Covid Secure

With enhanced Covid security measure in place and a strict cap on attendee numbers, you can be sure to return to in-person events safely



8:00- 9:00am BST

Registration & Networking

08:50 - 09:00

Opening Remarks

9:00-9:30am BST

Keynote Presentation: Private Matters: How to Ensure Your Security Program Maintains Customer Privacy
• The intersection between privacy and security – what information is vital to obtain and how are you keeping your customers safe?
• How to evaluate which data is most enticing for threat actors – and the necessary levels of protection.
• Understanding and anticipating the newest threats.

Stephen Owen, CISO, Esure

9:35 - 10:05am BST

Keynote Presentation: Ransomware: One of your Biggest Risks – Don’t Let it in.
Mitigating the risk of ransomware to your business has become the job of every security product and service available today. But measuring the impact of technology on the risk of exposure is rarely achievable until it's too late.

xDR will help you respond once you already have a ransomware problem. So how do you measurably reduce the risk of the problem occurring before it's too late?

We'll discuss common attack vectors for ransomware and demonstrate how you can quickly reduce your risk by improving your email protection - the number one ransomware threat vector.

Adenike Cosgrove, Cybersecurity Strategy, International, Proofpoint

10:05 - 10:45am BST

Panel Discussion: From Prevention to Recovery: Exploring the Reality of Ransomware Attacks in 2021 and Beyond

  • How and why ransomware attacks continue to spike.
  • To pay or not to pay? - and why answers to this age old question may have changed.
  • What to do with files that remain locked even after ransom is paid?
  • The role of cryptocurrency – and will its importance continue?

Panelists include:
Jules Pagna Disso, Group Head of Cyber Risk Intelligence and Insider Technology Risk, BNP Paribas

Goher Mohammad, Head of Infosec, L&Q
Jon Gilbert, Former CISO, Department for Education

10:45 - 11:15am BST

Mid-Morning Coffee Break & Networking

11:15-11:45am BST

Fireside Chat: Why XDR is an Effective Approach to SIEM Replacement

During this session, you'll learn about:

  • The challenges faced by security teams when using SIEM tools
  • Evolution of the Security Operations Center (SOC) - past & future
  • Why organizations are replacing traditional SIEM solutions with XDR
  • Insights & key takeaways from organizations that are moving beyond SIEM

Hanan Levin, VP of Sales, EMEA, Hunters         Iftach Ian Amit, CSO, Cimpress


11:50am-12:30pm BST

Panel Discussion: People Have the Power: Ensuring All Employees Have the Tools to Keep the Company Secure

As we all know, an individual CISO or security team is not enough to keep your system safe – hear how our panel of experts have made certain that security is a priority for all.

  • The continued importance of training and testing your staff.
  • Finding and utilising security champions throughout the company.
  • Addressing insider threat – often dubbed security’s main pain point.
  • How remote work has impacted processes.

Panelists include:
Naveed Islam, CISO, Paymentsense
Anna-Lisa Miller, Group CISO, Spectris
Glen Hymers, Head of Data Privacy & Compliance, Cabinet Office

12:35-1:15pm BST
  • What are the differences between OT cybersecurity and information security?
  • How should operational technology be considered as part of the overall company risk?
  • How do you bridge the gap between engineering and cybersecurity?

Contributors include:
Nigel Stanley, Director, Cyber Security, Jacobs

Guy Morrell, CISO, The Francis Crick Institute

• Where does the security team and CISO sit within your organization?
• How are you ensuring you hire and retain the right talent now and for the future?
• How are you ensuring continued support for security and technology needs at the business level?

Contributors include:

Lee Howard, Head of IT Security, Risk & Shared Services, N Brown Group

Peter Nota, VP, CISO Europe & Emerging Markets, Equifax

Tom Stoddart, CISO, Manchester Metropolitan University

Richard Peers, CIO, The Economist Group

1:15-2:15pm BST

Lunch & Networking


2:15-2:55pm BST

• How are you leveraging machine learning to counter data leaks?
• Have you created a culture of data security and armed your team with the right tools for the job?
• Do you understand the gaps in your DLP and have a plan to fix them?
• What strategies do you have in place to combat human error?

Contributors include:
Robert Fleming, CMO, Zivver

Stephen Khan, Former Head of Technology and Cyber Security Risk, Group Resilience Risk, HSBC and Chair, ClubCISO

  • How has COVID impacted your security team budget?
  • What does the plan look like for the future (hybrid, in person, remote?) and what tools will you need?
  • What else can you do to prepare for attacks in a time with so much uncertainty?

Jonathan Craven, Privacy and Compliance Lead, UK, iRhythm Technologies 

Alex Gay, Senior Account Executive, SenseOn

2:55-3:25pm BST

Afternoon Coffee Break & Networking

3:30-4:00pm BST Keynote Presentation: Model Digital Platform Centric Businesses Requires a “Security Shift”
  • Keeping pace with modern Agile developer practices requires rethinking traditional risk-based approaches to become highly automated
  • Security controls needs to be designed for continuous compliance in the Cloud as opposed to periodic risk assessment
  • In this session, you will hear on approaches to integrate security to digital platforms reducing risk from a marketplace ecosystem
Khadir Fayaz, VP, Global Enterprise Architecture & Cyber Security, CBRE
4:05-4:45pm BST

Panel Discussion: Weighing the Benefits and Challenges of a Zero Trust Framework- Is it the Right Choice for You?

Hear the panel’s take on their experiences and experiments in integrating Zero Trust

  • The role of MFA, IAM and endpoint security in a hybrid world.
  • How to continuously monitor and validate access without losing productivity.
  • Other relevant frameworks and which is best for your organisation?

Mark Osborne, CISO, Jaja Finance

Martin Ingram, Product Owner, Identity & Access Management, NatWest Group

Guy Morrell, CISO, The Francis Crick Institute

4:45-5:30pm BST

Drinks & Networking

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  • Register to join us for this in-person event! 
  • CISO London is not another generic Information Security event, but rather tailored content specifically for those leading their organization's InfoSec strategies.
  • Take part in high-level discussions: strategize with senior leaders on core industry challenges and get back with an action plan.
  • Establish an understanding of your role maturity what you can do to move forward in your journey.

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Gain practical insights in to advancing your cyber security strategy. Learn from, network, and share knowledge with forward-thinking leaders. Hear how your peers are utilizing emerging technology, evaluating their processes, and learn how to move forward with your own.
Discuss organizational challenges/ successes and the business of information Security with your peers.

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In-Person Event. Bringing together a focused group of senior-level InfoSec l leaders across a wide range of industries. Get involved in a series of collaborative, interactive, discussion-based conversations with an engaged, connected and committed community of your peers.

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Networking Sessions – 1-2-1 and Group: CISO London will allow delegates, sponsors and speakers to network with 1-2-1 meetings and group sessions. The focused group of professionals provides a natural environment for in-person networking and idea sharing. 


Registration Options

Information Security
Complimentary Pass

£ 0
For practitioners working within Information Security roles, and not from consultancies, vendor or solution provider companies
Access to CISO London 2021


Vendors, Consultants &
Solutions Providers

£2,999 GBP
For companies who offer consultancy within the space or vendors/ solutions providers
Access to CISO London 2021


Register to join CISO London 2021

Colleague, Join us on 19 October for the in-person event for information security executives.

Complete the form to join us for lively discussions and networking with fellow senior cyber security elites. All registrations are subject to review, and you will be notified of your pass status within 48 hours.

Reasons to attend CISO London 2021. 

Learn from the most successful leaders in London, and explore the strategic issues that matter to you. Learn their actionable takeaways on what works and what doesn’t for the challenges you are facing right now.

Enjoy the experience of real conversations at in-person event. This application-only event guarantees that the conversations taking place will be enriching and productive

We have years of experience in creating data events which deliver true insights.



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